Our Third Trip Through Casablanca Express

The reservation process was so simple trough Casablanca. All 3 times we went to the Big Island, we would have more than 1 date for travel in mind. However not once did we ever have to use any date other than our first choice. The reservation specialists were always extremely kind and helpful. They would call to make sure we got checked in alright and called after we got home to see if everything went well, if we were satisfied with our experience with Casablanca and to make sure most of all that we had a good time.

The 3 times we went to Hawaii was beyond fabulous! The little Hotel Uncle Billies in Kona, was just the cutest place we have ever seen. Flying over the Big Island was amazing! From the time we landed to the time we left was absolutely breath taking. The smells the beauty of the Island, the people, the places we saw, we will never forget. We swam with sea turtles, went to a black sand beach, walked thru a lava tube at volcanoes national park, went to a luau and many more things, too many to mention. It was a dream come true. We tell people even if we were homeless living on the beach it would still be spectacular. Thank your Casablanca Travel for giving us the free stays. Words cannot say how grateful we are. We Love Casablanca, Thank you again. We would go on another trip if it was possible. Thank You, Again!!!

Mark W.
Fresno, CA