Kaena Point

On the western tip of Oahu is Kaena Point. This dramatic lava shoreline is said to be the place where souls of ancient Hawaiians would jump off into the spirit world and meet the souls of their ancestors. With scenic views of the Waianae coast to the south, Mokuleia to the north, and the vast Pacific, it’s easy to see why this point was deemed so sacred.

The only way to get to Kaena Point is by hiking. There are two trailheads: From the south side, or Leeward Coast side, begin your hike from Kaena Beach State Park. From the north side, or Mokuleia side, drive to the very end of Farrington Highway and park at the trailhead. This is a long and notoriously hot hike, so bring plenty of sunscreen and water. Hazardous conditions make any water activities extremely dangerous and are highly discouraged.