Aloha Tower

Located on the Honolulu Harbor in Downtown Honolulu, about 15 minutes west of Waikiki, Aloha Tower is an iconic symbol of Hawaii. Built in September of 1926, this was the tallest building in the islands for four decades and its clock was one of the largest in the United States. The tower stood as a welcoming beacon for visitors since travel to Oahu was done entirely by sea. Duke Kahanamoku set his first swimming world record here at Pier 7 and the wharf was also known for Boat Days, a lively celebration to welcome the arrival of visiting ships.

Today, Aloha Tower is still a docking port for Oahu’s cruise ships, with this historic place currently undergoing renovations. You can still enjoy an ocean-view lunch, listen to live music at night, and walk just a couple of blocks to Chinatown’s art district. You can also go up to the Observation Deck, located on the 10th floor of Aloha Tower to find the perfect spot for beautiful views of the harbor on one side and the cityscape of Honolulu on the other.